Can you believe this.

Can you believe that gay marriage is being reconsidered again. As if the 5 years it’s been legalized have been the most damaging, sinful years of American history. Can one person name any real negative consequences from this that doesn’t involve, “I just don’t like it.”

Can you believe military-grade assault rifles are still allowed in the hands of teenagers, who barley even know how to drive their parent’s car. Let alone process the consequences of using a weapon as some sort of escape from trauma or pain.

Can you believe America’s legal and illegal immigrants are being treated like animals locked in cages. Ripped away from their families and sent back to a life they don’t deserve. All because America designed a system that makes it nearly impossible for them to become full, recognized, citizens in the first place.

Can you believe black Americans are still fighting for the right to live under equal protection of the law. And the leaders of white America can’t even acknowledge it, let alone fathom any ideas to fix it. And white supremacists still exist. And the military was ordered to act upon its own citizens.

Can you believe our own president has intentionally exacerbated these issues for shits, giggles, and power. And approximately half the country has fallen for his lies.

Can you believe healthcare is treated as a commodity for profit instead of a human necessity. While we have so many successful working models from other countries that prove the latter.

Can you believe capitalism spreads the message of the American dream, meanwhile the majority of the population has to work three jobs to feed their family. Because there is no such thing as trickle down economics, and the minimum wage keeps the bottom at the bottom.

Can you believe climate change is just too hard to address, so therefore science is wrong and we should keep doing what we’re doing. Who cares that we have the technology to solve this issue, when we can just frack the earth dry.

Can you believe a global pandemic was not, and is still not, being treated seriously by our federal government. Over 200,000 dead, little to no PPE for our healthcare workers, and no national mandate to wear face coverings. And followed by the president’s example of belittling the issue for his incredibly loyal and aggressive supporters.

Can you believe transgender people are still treated as second class citizens. And their very existence has never been legitimized or recognized by federal law at large. Any laws we have currently, are being reconsidered.

Can you believe that we’ve had the capabilities to fix everything the whole time.

We are only fragile if we accept defeat before we fight.